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Home [Nov. 30th, 2020|07:04 pm]

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We have moved back to our old online store!!!
  Whysovain.livejournal.com! :)

Starting from 5th November 2012,
Simply Pristine will not be launching any more new collections.
All new collections will be launched at whysovain.livejournal.com.
All past collections and sale items will also be available at whysovain.livejournal.com 

See you at the other side! :)

Sales section updated as of 10th Oct 2012

All what's available items are found at Blogshop Empire @ Far East Plaza 01-102

Simply Pristine Promotions:

Facebook promotion:

Like and share our latest collection on www.facebook.com/simplypristine to stand a chance to win an item! :)
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